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Cute Ideas for Your Next Christmas Party

When Christmas season rolls around there are bound to be many parties and functions to which you are asked to attend, and many of us play host to the festivities ourselves. Sure there are the time worn, tested and true things that we do that make a party a party, but when you want to kick things up a notch without breaking the bank, what do you do? How about some of these ideas to really get that party going?

Social media is full of little videos showing families sitting around a table trying to unwrap gifts with oven mitts on. Perhaps you’ve also seen the one where they tackle a giant ball of cling wrap, again with mittens on which makes it all the harder–and of course a lot more fun. If you want the fun without the hassle of actually wrapping a gift, however have your guests try to rip Christmas shapes out of pieces of coloured paper while blindfolded. You can even have teams and if the opposing team can actually guess what your shape is supposed to be they ‘win’.

Another interesting and funny game involves just paper plates and pens. Easy, peasy, right? Have each person put the plate on their head and then, since they can’t see a thing, have them draw items like a floor, a Christmas tree, ornaments, a star, mantle, stocking, toy, etc on to the plate. Points are awarded for trees actually sitting on the floor, stockings being on the mantle, ornaments being on the tree and so on. Hilarity is bound to ensue once those plates are revealed.

For office parties, a great thing to do is to make funny awards up, either in the form of made trophies or just certificates that you have printed off the computer. These can be for anything from ‘first to arrive at the office each day’, ‘the one who always makes the coffee’, ‘the one who never replenishes the paper in the copier’, ‘the one who always wears odd socks’, etc. and is a great way to ‘award’ coworkers for their silly habits. All in good fun of course.

Planning a party can be nerve wracking but cut down on the work for you as a host when you either get your party catered or you hire some fun food machines for the night. Guest can then make their own cotton candy, get ice cream whenever, make nachos and hot dogs and have a grand old time, just like you intended!

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