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Color Guard – Motorcycle Color Guard of America

The Motorcycle Color Guard of America (MCGA) is group of motorcyclists that present the American and military flags (Flags of Freedom) at events to honor our current and fallen soldiers, police officers, and firemen for the sacrifices they have made to ensure our freedom in America.

Mission Statement

“To pay tribute to our nation and the personnel of the Armed Forces for the sacrifices they make on our behalf to ensure the liberty and freedom of our way of life.”

Flags of Freedom

The Flags of Freedom consist of 7 flags representing:

  • United States America
  • POW (Prisoners of War)
  • United States Army
  • United States Marines
  • United States Air Force
  • United States Navy
  • United States Coast Guard

For the display 3 x 5 ft flags are mounted on 8 ft poles that are attached to the rear of the motorcycle.


The events are picked as to how well the Flags of Freedom will fit in with the overall theme of the event. Following are some the events where presentations have been made:

  • Traveling Vietnam Wall
  • Swap meets when the theme is honoring the military
  • Veterans parade
  • Car shows when the focus of the car show is for humanitarian purposes
  • Events around Memorial Day
  • Events around July 4th
  • Events surrounding 9/11

When asked to perform at an event, the presentation is usually done either at the beginning of the event or around lunch time. Depending on the event, there can be ride-bys with the flags in display and/or the motorcycles stopped in a formation for a static display.

For the Moving Wall, usually each motorcycle with his/her respective flag rides to the front of the audience while music plays for that military branch. When all branches are in place, then the American flag is brought in while the Star Spangle Banner is played. Then the motorcycles are left in static display until event is over.

For parades it is best if the Motorcycle Color Guard can ride as the 1st unit of the parade to establish the speed of the parade. It is very difficult to maintain stability on a motorcycle below 3 mph.

Makeup of the Color Guard

The guard is made up of 12 motorcycle riders with good to excellent riding skills from the East Valley area of Phoenix, Arizona. The skills requirement is a must because of slow riding in preset formations. The Motorcycle Color Guard of America was formed in 2007 for the sole purpose of displaying the American and military flags at events to show support for all comrades in arms.

When displaying at events, the prime focus is on the flags so all riders ride Honda Gold Wings so as not to not distract from the music being played for the respective flags. Currently MCGA has been presenting at events within Arizona but is willing travel to outside states if it can be arranged.

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