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Top 5 Natural Hairstyles for Black Short Hair 2016

1. Choppy short black hairstyle African-American women lately have embraced natural hairstyles, which are comfortable yet trendy. This hair style that is very similar to the famous pixie cut gives a boost of femininity in the midst of your busy lifestyle. The chopped up strands surely hints to a playful …

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Stop Food Cravings That Ruin Your Diet

To most people surprise, food cravings don’t have to ruin your diet or weight loss goals. The sudden urge to eat, particularly the wrong types of food is very common. Like most things, food craving is simply an acquired habit. If you’re in the habit of over-eating or eating the …

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Artichokes and the Mediterranean Diet

Artichokes are a winter vegetable of the Mediterranean diet with a reputation for being healthy. However, here we are more interested in their culinary virtues, in their slight-bitter nutty-like flavor that makes them delicious and special. Their physical appearance is also special, and at first, artichokes may puzzle inexperienced non-Mediterranean …

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Where Is Your Dream Partner?

Love. Such a beautiful thing when it’s right. We all want to love and be loved. And we are worthy and deserving of love. Most of us have made mistakes in relationships before and hopefully we’ve learned our lessons as we try to move closer to manifesting ‘the one‘. I …

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Principles of Closet Organization

Everyone has different closet needs. You may wish that you had more storage while someone else needs room for their extensive shoe collection. Designing a closet is a very personal thing. However, there are some basic principles that we can all follow to get the most out of organizing our …

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Nice Xmas Gift Ideas

The word nice can sometimes be subjective but what I am trying to get at here is to provide some Xmas gift ideas that will not only delight the recipient of the gift but also improve your relationship with him or her. Xmas is an important occasion and often referred …

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Neem Oil – Homemade Remedies and Soap Recipes!

Neem oil is a vegetable oil from the Azadirachta indica evergreen, (Neem tree). It has a strong mixed aroma of garlic and peanut butter. It varies in color from golden yellow, yellow-brown, red-brown, dark brown, green-brown to bright red. At room temperature it remains a liquid. Exposure to cold temperatures, …

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